We're Halfway To Our New Home...

In the course of searching for a new location for the shul, we were presented with an opportunity to purchase a storefront on the 9100 block of Pico as a permanent home for Kahal Chasidim.

At this time, we are under contract with the seller and are actively raising funds.

We have close to $200,000 in pledges – roughly halfway to our goal.

We only have three weeks to raise the rest of the money!

We can only reach our goal with your help.  Please, contribute at whatever level you are able and also help us to reach additional donors.

Reading for This Week

B'esras Hashem, we will be adding divrei torah and stories about tzadikim (sipurei tzadikim) from our Rav each Thursday or Friday.

Read this week's dvar torah, Parashas Vayikra - first and foremost (lowercase, definitely)

Also, enjoy the story of Reb Meir Leifer the Nadvorna-Clevelander Rebbe