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Supplies and Pre-Bris Instructions

The Bris Milah Ceremony Supplies and Pre-Bris Instructions

These are the supplies needed for the Bris Milah ceremony.

1. One freshly washed receiving blanket that is thin, flannel and light-weight

2. Six disposable diapers and several diaper wipes

3. A box of 3×3 gauze pads.

4. A large fresh tube of plain, non-creamy, non-scented Vaseline
or Bacitracin.

5. A Tallis

6. Two firm pillows.

7. An unopened bottle of Sweet Kosher Concord Grape Wine and a Kiddish cup
(NOT Blackberry or Cherry) (room temperature).

8. A bottle of Infant Tylenol Concentrated Drops
(Generic is fine.) (Dose is 0.4ml every 4 hours starting AFTER Bris if the
baby is fussy.)

9. A small table for mohels instruments.

Pre-Bris instructions

1. Do not feed the baby one hour prior to the Bris.

2. Baby should be wearing a “onesie” underneath whatever clothing you select for him to wear.