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Rabbi Dovid Sochet is  a pleasant, righteous, and a caring person, and a very skillful Mohel. Rabbi Sochet studied in Great Britain and the U.S., and we were happy to have him perform the Brit Milah ceremony of our Grandson. A few days prior, he visited the baby to check his bilirubin and kept visiting him daily to be sure that he was fine before the Bris. The night before he came with his wife and children to visit us and this gave us a feeling of him being a real family Rabbi. The Bris was done at his place and all our family, friends, doctors with a number of rabbis were present. The Rabbi remained calm and friendly in spite of the large number of people looking over his shoulder.

The Bris procedure was flawless, and everyone was happy. My son, a doctor was also in attencance.  The Mohel needed no assistance and everything went perfectly. I checked my grandson daily and the healing was great. It was a perfect Bris. I do not need to say anything more to recommend Rabbi Dovid Sochet as a Mohel. With the help of HaShem, may he have the blessings and continued success of this Mitzva for the continuation of the Jewish nation.

My family and I highly recommend Rabbi Dovid Sochet the Mohel for the next Brit in your family.


Regev Dwarka MD, FAAP.

There are some people who provide a service and there are some people who do more. Choosing a Mohel for one’s son is an emotional event in the best of times but being that my son was to be the name sake of my recently departed father ratcheted up the feelings to a fever pitch. The care, sensitivity, and professionalism that Rabbi Sochet demonstrated was a balm to my frazzled nerves. His reputation had preceded him which is why I had flown him to NY from LA where he had been at the time. In retrospect it was money well spent. He is professional yet approachable, carefully explaining each step of the process, soothing any concerns new parents can feel at times. There are some people who provide a service and there are some who do more. Rabbi Sochet is one of those people. I strongly recommend him and his expertise.

Rabbi D. Weiss Lakewood N.J.