New Building Fund Effort

We just completed a successful fundraising campaign to purchase a new building on Pico Blvd to house Kahal Chasidim.

We are looking forward to getting it fixed up and moving in!

Even though we raised over $500,000 for the building, we still have ongoing expenses that are not fully covered by our membership fees.

We depend on people who sponsor kiddush, shalosh seudos or make specific donations to help make it possible for Kahal Chasidim to keep its doors open.

Please do consider becoming a member of our shul.  Individual memberships are only $500 and family memberships are only $1000.

Sponsoring a kiddush or shalosh seudos is another great way to mark a special occasion and do a mitzvah at the same time.  A “basic” kiddush is $250 and a basic shalosh seudos is $150.  Special arrangements can be made for additional food, drink, etc.  Please contact us so we can make your kiddush or shalosh seudos exactly what you want.

For anyone wishing to make a special, everlasting contribution to our community, there are a number of dedication opportunities available (check with Rabbi Sochet to make sure):

  • Aron Kodesh – $80,000
  • Bimah – $40,000
  • Sefarim – $25,000
  • Paroches – $10,000 (two sets donated)
  • Yahrtzeit Board – $5,000
  • Ner Tamid – $5,000 (already donated)
  • Bookshelves – $20,000 (already donated)
  • Coffee Room – $15,000 (already donated)
  • Ezras Nashim – $10,000 (already donated)
  • Rabbi’s Shtender and Chair – $5,000 (already donated)
  • Baal Tefilah’s Shtender – $3,000  (already donated)
  • Mezuzos – $500 each (two donated, two more needed)
  • Talleisim – $250 each

You can also donate any amount now via PayPal or by contacting Rabbi Sochet via email at or by phone at 845-659-4041.

Thank you for your support!