Baruch Hashem, we successfully completed the purchase of the new building for our shul.

Most of the interior demolition is done and we’re working to get permits for the changes we want to make.

This is a conceptual rendering of what the front of the shul will look like. You can click on the image to view it larger (in a new tab/window).

We have a number of dedication opportunities for the new shul interior:
Aron Kodesh$80,000
Bookshelves$20,000 Already Donated
Rabbi’s Shtender and Chair$5,000
Baal Tefilah’s Shtender$3,000
Ner Tamid$5,000 Already Donated
Yahrtzeit Board$5,000
Ezras Nashim$10,000
Coffee Room$15,000 Already Donated
Mezuzos$500 each

This is a conceptual layout of the interior of the shul. You can click on it to view it larger (in a new tab/window).