Reb Meir Leifer

Sipurei Tzadikim

Reb Meir Leifer the Nadvorna-Clevelander Rebbe

Born – 2 Nissan, 5641 (1881) – Bochnia, Poland
Died – 12 Nissan, 6701 (1941) – Los Angeles, California

Reb Meir Leifer the Nadvorna-Clevelander Rebbe passed away on the 12th of Nissan, 1941, in Los Angeles, Ca. He is buried in the Agudas Achim cemetery on 1022 S. Downey Rd.

The Nadvorna-Clevelander Rebbe’s stepdaughter Raichel Horowitz (the late Bostoner Rebbetzin), frequently said that her stepfather’s honesty and integrity made such a powerful impression on her, that even decades later, telling a “white lie” for the sake of diplomacy caused her discomfort.

He was well known for always having a house full of guests, bringing home anyone in need. He used to tell his Rebbetzin, “I do not enjoy eating a meal unless I can share the meal with others.”

People used to come to him for advice and blessings. Many times when miraculous results transpired, he would humbly say “people need a bracha, and Hashem has rachmanus (mercy). The brachos come true because Hashem wants to help people, not because of me.”

He passed away at the age of 60, and according to his wishes he was interred in the city in which his life ended.

The community is now in the process of building an Ohel over his kever.